how to buy my works?

How to order?

Contact me via e-mail: or use the contact form.
In the e-mail, please conclude the information about the chosen painting and its color - neutral, black or white.
Provide your address for shipping. Your order will be shipped after the payment will be posted on my account. I will inform you about the payment verification via e-mail.
The bank account address: 66 1460 1181 2025 5500 8862 0002

How much does the order process last?

From 4 to 6 weeks.

Can one order a painting in a different size?

Yes. If you liked one of the paintings, but you'd prefer it in a different size,  please, contact me to discuss the details. Remember - the price of paintings adapted to one's needs may differ from the original.

Can one order an original project of a painting?

Yes, I'd love to create something just for you. If you like my works, but you're looking for a different composition or a format, we can create a painting together. In that case, I would consider contacting me via phone call to discuss the concept and size.

What does the shipping process look like?

The paintings are sent via courier shipments. Every piece is secured with bubble wrap.
The shipping cost is dependent on the size and the weight of the package.
You can also pick up the package by yourself in the city of Łódź.